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Rivijera.net || Budva - Tourist Guide
Rivijera.net, a form of tourist service, is designed to provide more information about Budva to potential tourists. Budva has a strong potential for tourism development and we are doing our best to provide you with the useful information that you need in order to plan your next summer vacation in this Adriatic city. Here you can find information about ideal private and hotel accommodation, luxury villas, see the best restaurants and clubs and learn something about Budva, its history, culture and the sights of this ancient town.
Budva - Private Accommodation
Wide offer of private accommodation for rent including: apartments, rooms, villas and houses in Budva, Bečići, Rafailovići, Sveti Stefan, Petrovac… The accommodation is classified in five groups according to the location and the category. Budva falls into the first group and Bečići and Rafailovići are in the second group. The third group includes Kamenovo, Pržno, Miločer and Sveti Stefan, fourth group includes Petrovac and the fifth group is Lastva. Each presentation includes a map for easier reference, all the necessary information about accommodation...
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Learn more about Budva
You can learn more about Montenegrin tourism metropolis using our guide. Here you can find information about the history of Budva, its churches and monasteries, geographic location, the Budva beaches, cultural events as well as all other information which will make your stay more pleasant. In the section Budva INFO you can find information about the prices in Budva, local transport, mobile networks, banks, distances between cities etc.
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Beaches in Budva
Budva is known for large number of sandy beaches which can be categorized as the top quality ones. Many beautiful beaches, covered with small and large grain sand and ocassionaly with pebbles, with open and blue crystal-pure sea, make a unique natural and tourist attraction of the Budva Riviera and the entire south Adriatic. Budva has 16 developed beaches which are 10.280m long in total and cover the area of 283.440m2. According to the quality of the sand they fall into the first category beaches.
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Hotel Accommodation
There are many hotels on the Budva Riviera both exclusive ones and those for people of modest means. Take a look at some of the hotels that we offer for your holiday. Each presentation includes a map for easier reference, information about amenities and characteristics of the hotel and contact information. The hotels are listed by categories starting from the top category ones.
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