What is the Currency in Moldova?

Moldova uses the Moldovan leu as its currency. The leu is divided into 100 bani. The name of the currency comes from a Romanian word that means lion. The leu is a unit of currency, just like the Euro and the US dollar. Moldova has a strong economy and has a low unemployment rate.

Moldovan leu

If you are considering sending money from Moldova to the United Kingdom, then you can use a currency converter that allows you to convert Moldovan Leu into other foreign currencies. The currency converter offers a range of different exchange rates and will even provide you with historical information. To find the most accurate Moldovan Leu exchange rates, compare various providers on the internet.

Moldova is a country with a relatively new currency – the leu. It is the official currency of Moldova, derived from a Romanian word meaning “lion.” It was introduced as the official currency in 1993, shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the creation of the independent Republic of Moldova. The country has two series of Moldovan leu banknotes, varying in denominations from one to ten lei. Later, the National Bank of Moldova added security features and embossing to its banknotes, especially for the denominations of 500 and 1,000 lei.

Since 1996, commemorative coins have been issued in the country. These coins are designed to attract collectors, and a full list of these can be found here. You can also find a table of banknote specifications. Each banknote has the name of a historical figure such as Stefan cel Mare or a famous figure, such as the famous writer Mihai Eminescu. In addition to this, the back of the banknotes have images of Trajan’s Column and the Endless Column.

Moldova’s currency is the Moldovan leu, which is divided into 100 bani. The leu is similar to Romania’s leu, which has the same name. The word leu means “lion” in Romanian. The Moldovan leu was part of Romania from 1918 to 1940 and again between 1944.

If you plan on using the Moldovan Leu (MDL) currency to send money abroad, it’s a good idea to check the Moldovan Leu currency conversion rates. These rates are updated every one minute during the forex market trading hours.

Transnistrian ruble

If you are considering using the Moldovan ruble as your currency of choice, you will need to know how much one Russian ruble is worth in Moldovan leu. The currency calculator on this site can help you do just that. The tool allows you to enter the amount to be converted to the left of the Moldovan Leu. If you’re interested in seeing historical prices, you can view them in a table.

The Moldovan ruble has a hologram that changes between “M” and “R,” “10,” and “25.” On the right side is a lion facing left, and a small coat of arms of Moldova. The bottom left side has a circular logo of the National Bank of Moldova.

In April 2005, the National Bank of Moldova announced plans to reintroduce coins in the country. They noted that a shift to modern coinage would help the country’s international relations, as well as its image abroad. The bank then invited the public to submit designs for new coins. The new coins went into circulation on 28 February 2018, featuring the Coat of Arms of the Republic of Moldova on the Obverse and the Coat of Arms of the Principality of Moldavia on the Reverse.

In the past, Moldova was part of the Soviet Union. It became a country in 1991 and took the name Moldova. A strip of land along the Dniester river has been under the breakaway control of Transnistria since 1990. Today, Moldova’s economy largely depends on the service sector, which accounts for 60% of the country’s GDP. As such, Moldova is among the poorest nations of Europe in terms of GDP per capita.

Andrei Mihailovic is a politician and engineer from Moldova. He previously served as the Minister of Information and Communication Technology. He was then elected the President of the Moldovan Parliament. He is the first Moldovan to have been democratically elected as President since the dissolution of the Eastern Bloc in 1991. Previously, he held positions in the National Parliament and the Supreme Magistrate Council.


The Moldovan leu is the official currency of Moldova and is issued by the National Bank of Moldova. It is widely accepted throughout the country. It is not used in Transnistria, an unrecognised breakaway state. The Moldovan leu is an important part of the country’s independent economy.

The Moldovan leu is divided into 100 bani. It is similar to the Romanian leu. The two currencies share a common name, leu, which means lion. It is used in Moldova, Romania, Greece, and Cyprus. It is also used in France, Belgium, Austria, Finland, and French Guiana.

The Moldovan leu is a smaller currency on the international stage but has grown in importance in recent years. Understanding Moldova’s leu exchange rate is important for travelers and people who need to send money overseas. If you’re traveling to Moldova, check the current exchange rate before making your travel plans. To transfer money from your account to Moldovan leu, you can use Small World’s money transfer service.

Moldova is a developing economy, and its leu is very similar to Romania’s. The country still has a way to go before becoming an economic jewel of Eastern Europe. If you’re looking to purchase a Moldovan leu, it’s important to compare its current value to the euro. By comparing its value to the euro, you’ll be able to determine how much the Moldovan leu is worth around the world.

The euro is the official currency of the European Union, and is used in almost all of the member countries of the Eurozone. It is divided into 100 cents, and is officially used in 17 EU countries. It is also used in Andorra, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Portugal, and Slovakia.

US dollar

If you’re looking to send money to Moldova, the US dollar is the country’s official currency. However, you can also use other currencies. If you want to send a large sum of money to Moldova, a bank may be a better option. You can find out about bank exchange rates using a service such as RemitFinder.

The United States dollar is the country’s official currency, and it is also used in other countries like Puerto Rico, East Timor, and Equador. In addition to Moldova, it is also used in countries like Puerto Rico, East Timor, and Equador. The US dollar is used in many other countries and is widely accepted in these countries.

If you are planning to visit Moldova, you’ll need to know the currency. The Moldovan Leu is worth 1 US dollar. The Moldovan Leu is divided into 100 lei and has a currency code of MDL. Each lei is subdivided into one ban, five bani, and ten lei. For a better idea of how much each currency is worth, you can use our Moldovan Leu to US dollar converter. This currency calculator will give you the latest currency exchange rate from September 11 until September 2022.

It is also important to know that if you are sending money to Moldova from the US, you should consider sending it via a bank account. However, you should be aware that there are many hidden fees and risks involved in sending money to Moldova through a bank. Also, you won’t get the best exchange rate when using this method.

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