The Best Beaches in Serbia

Serbia is a landlocked country in Europe located at the crossroads of the Balkans and the Pannonian Plain. Its beaches are a must-visit for any beach lover. There are many beautiful locations to choose from, including the renowned Lipovica Lake Sava.

Zaovine Lake

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, Zaovine Lake is the perfect location to visit. It is located in Western Serbia, close to the town of Mokra Gora. The village of Zaovine provides a variety of accommodation options. In addition, the lake is close to other tourist attractions, such as the Sargan Eight train.

Another option is the Sidro raft restaurant located near the lake. It offers a nice view of the lake, a kitchenette and a spacious outdoor deck. There is also a restaurant at the top of the waterfall of the small Vrelo River, where tables are set on a terrace over the waterfall. Guests are also welcome to visit one of the many natural springs in the area.

Zlatibor is another great place to spend the day. This lake is surrounded by mountains and offers beautiful scenery. You can enjoy a picnic or play volleyball. In addition, the surrounding forest offers natural shade. This is a great place for families and groups to spend a day.

The Djerdap Lake is one of Serbia’s largest lakes. It is also the third deepest in the world. If you are a watersport enthusiast, you can also enjoy cruising along its many gorges. Many tourist agencies offer trips to this area.

Another great location is the Zaovine Lake. Set among the Tara Mountains, this lake is surrounded by lush green trees. It is the crown jewel of central-western Serbia. It is beautiful and serene and makes for a relaxing day in nature. Visitors can swim or kayak in the lake, play horseshoes or build a sand castle.

In the spring and summer, Zaovine Lake is one of the best places to cool off. The lake is also fed by the nearby Bajina Basta hydroelectric power plant. The lake’s water level fluctuates throughout the year, and you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the summer.

There are several accommodations in the region. The upscale Hotel Kvarner Palace is close by and is a great place to stay. For a more budget-conscious option, the Garni Vila Drina is an affordable boutique hotel with great reviews. If you are not a fan of large hotels, you can also choose houseboat accommodations.

Lipovica Lake

If you’re looking for one of the best beaches in Serbia, you’ve come to the right place. This lake is a gem of a location, surrounded by mountains and with a pristine beach that is great for swimming. You can also enjoy walking around the lake or going on a river tour. There are plenty of water sports to be had in Serbia, so you won’t be short of options.

Nearby Lake Lipovica and Spajici is a natural canyon. A famous tree found here is called the Pancic omorica, named after its discoverer Josif Pancic. You can also see a beautiful view of Visegrad from the Janjac viewpoint, which overlooks the lake.

Lipovica Lake is a popular destination among tourists. This lake is located in the central part of Belgrade. It has an area of eight square kilometers, and is sometimes referred to as the Belgrade Sea. The name is derived from a Serbian word of Turkish origin, which means “river island”. It is also derived from the adjective form of the Celtic word tsiganlia, which is called ‘ciganlija’. However, the association between ‘ciganlija’ and the Roma people is entirely false.

Lipovica Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Serbia, and has a wonderful white sand beach. The surrounding mountain area includes the Jelovarnik Waterfall, which is located in a dense forest. The waterfall has a fall of 71 metres and is the second highest waterfall in Serbia. The Lilac Valley on the Ibar river is also a beautiful place to visit, and every April, the valley is planted with lilacs.

Another great attraction of Lipovica Lake is Sirogojno, which is an open-air museum of traditional Serbian houses. There are over 50 exhibits and historical buildings in the town itself. These buildings are great for photographing and have an interesting history. You’ll find several souvenir shops and a convenience store in the town.

Ada Ciganlija

The Ada Ciganlija beach is one of the best beaches in Serbia and is a must-visit during your stay in the capital. The sandy shoreline of this artificial lake is lined with cafes that are open all day and welcome you with open arms. You can take a tan or just relax on one of the sun loungers for free. Ada Ciganlija is known for its crystal clear water, and there are plenty of options for a relaxing day by the lake.

The beach features spectacular views of central Belgrade. Ada Ciganlija has been the host of many international and local water sports competitions. It also features a golf course and a practice range, making it a perfect location for a game of golf.

Ada Ciganlija is located on the southern bank of the Sava River and is about four kilometers from its mouth. Its name derives from Celtic words which mean island or underwater land. Its name also varies depending on the level of the Sava. It is sometimes called Singalija or Ada, depending on how high the water is.

Ada Ciganlija is a peninsula formed by an artificial lake on the Sava River. This lake has several beaches, and is the largest open swimming area in Serbia. It attracts up to 150,000 visitors each day during the summer bathing season. The beaches are well maintained and have all the necessary infrastructure. The lake is also one of Europe’s largest artificial lakes.

Ada Ciganlija is accessible by public transportation and has several bike trails. It isn’t the best beach for those looking for quiet, unspoiled beaches. However, the location is great for families and tourists looking for a vacation destination in the city.

In addition to the beaches, Serbia is also home to several nature resorts and spas. If you aren’t interested in a beach resort, you can explore the many other lakes and rivers nearby.

Lake Sava

Lake Sava, or Ada Ciganlija, is a man-made lake located about 20 minutes from the city center. This lake has seven kilometers of sandy shoreline and more than 70 cafes and bars. The surrounding forest area is also a great place to relax and practice your favourite sport.

The Sava River is one of the largest and most polluted rivers in Serbia, but its lower course has created several beautiful valleys that have natural springs and spas. This region, also known as the Valley of Kings, has numerous famous monasteries. There are six bridges along the Sava, and three more along the Danube in the southern suburbs. Famous ones include Brankov Bridge and Ada Bridge. There are several other smaller bridges in the area, however, that do not have names.

Another unique feature of Lake Sava is the Ada Medica island, which is covered in trees. This island is protected by the Ada Medica Fan Club, which has been working to preserve the island. Visitors can reach the island by small boat from New Belgrade’s Sava Quay. There are walking paths on the island, as well as floating cabins and stilted houses. However, swimmers should be aware of the strong river currents.

If you have time, you can also visit the Belgrade Air Museum, which has over 200 old airplanes. The museum covers Serbia’s history, including the 1999 NATO bombing campaign. You can also visit the Belgrade Observatory, which is part of the oldest astronomical society in the Balkans. This society was founded by a group of students in 1934 and has more than 700 members. Visitors can visit the observatory during the day and can even use the telescopes.

Other attractions of the city include the Pobednik monument, which gives you a magnificent view of the Sava and the Danube rivers. There are also several churches, including St. Petka and Ruzica. The Military Museum is also impressive, due to Serbia’s turbulent history.