The Best Beaches in Romania

Plaja Vadu, a beach resort named after Greek gods, is one of the best beaches in Romania. Another beautiful beach in Romania is Sulina Beach, which is a secluded, sandy beach. If you are looking for a more unique vacation experience, you might want to visit Plaja Tuzla, a beach in the middle of a village.

Plaja Vadu is the best beach in Romania

Plaja Vadu is one of the most beautiful and well-known beaches in Romania. It is located in the south-eastern part of the country, lapped by the Black Sea. This beach is perfect for people who love long walks and peaceful surroundings. It is also a popular place for windsurfing and kite-surfing.

This beach is about 40 km from the capital city of Constanta. It is an unspoiled beach which has become popular over the past decade. It is also part of the Danube Delta Biosphere. Although camping is prohibited on the beach, some tourists do break the rules and spend the night there.

This Romanian beach is ideal for water sports, sunbathing, birdwatching, and exploring ancient ruins. It is also one of the last virgin beaches on the Black Sea coastline in Romania. Lush greenery and pristine azure water surround the beach, while the golden sands add to the natural beauty of the place.

Another excellent beach is Plaja Agigea, which is located near the village of Agigea. It was once an ancient Greek settlement. It is great for snorkeling, and is home to many different species of fish. You can also catch various species of crabs and sea snails. This seafood is widely available at local restaurants.

Another stunning beach in Romania is Gura Portitei. It is only accessible by boat, but the scenery is breathtaking. The untouched landscape and turquoise water make it an ideal spot to swim. This beach is a good choice for families with small children as it has less crowds and more affordable hotels.

Plaja Venus is a beach resort named after Greek gods

Plaja Venus is one of the many Romanian beach resorts named after the Greek gods. This quiet beach has fine sand and water, and plenty of sun loungers. It is not the largest beach resort in Romania, but it is a popular destination for families.

Sulina Beach is a beach with fine sand

Sulina Beach is one of Romania’s most beautiful beaches and is known for its fine sand and clear water. Located only two kilometres from the town of Sulina, the sandy beach is a popular family destination. You can reach the beach on foot or by minibus from the town.

Besides the pristine sand, Sulina is a beautiful town that has a rich history. It is also known for its old buildings that have interesting legends behind them. The weather in this region is moderate throughout the year, with temperatures ranging between 15 to 20 degrees Celsius in the winter and five to ten degrees in the summer. It is located near the Danube mouth, the Letea forest, and the cities of Crisan and Caraorman. Sulina Beach is a great place for families to enjoy the sun, play, and relax.

Getting to Sulina Beach is easy and inexpensive. The city is located at the end of the Danube Delta. The Navrom Delta ferry runs between Tulcea and Sulina. The ferry runs once daily and costs nine Euros for a single ticket. The trip takes approximately four hours.

Sulina Beach has fine sand and is the widest part of its kind on the Black Sea coast. It has some of the finest sand in Europe. If you are a beach lover, you will be impressed with the pristine white sand. The water is not deep, but the views are worth the trek.

Another lovely beach in Romania is the Danube Delta. This beach is a wildlife sanctuary and close to the village of the same name. The area is considered one of Romania’s best beaches. It is home to numerous birds and wildlife, and is one of the country’s most photogenic spots.

Plaja Tuzla is a beach from a village

Plaja Tuzla is a small village beach that is gaining popularity. While the beach itself is not very grand, it is well maintained and clean, and the water is perfect for snorkeling. In recent years, restaurants and hotels have opened in the area, making it a more mainstream destination. However, visitors should be aware that the entrance to the sea is very steep and that the currents are strong.

This remote beach is in the middle of a Romanian village, between the towns of Mangalia and Constanta. It’s 233 kilometers from Bucharest, and it’ll take you about two and a half hours to get there, under normal traffic conditions.

Plaja Tuzla is a popular vacation destination for Romanians. It’s located on the Black Sea coast and is accessible by boat from the city. A regular boat ride takes around 4 and a half hours, while a speed boat ride takes about one and a half hours. This beach is not as developed as Sulina, but it’s a nice, quiet place to spend a day.

If you’re not feeling too adventurous, you can take a bus or train to the village, where the beach is situated. You can also get there by car. Buses leave from the GSM Trans station at eleven pm. It’s best to plan your travel ahead of time, as buses can get full quite early.

Plaja Corbu is off the beaten path

The village of Corbu is situated 8 km north of the Mamaia resort. It is bordered by the Navodari county road DJ 226 which starts in Midia Navodari and connects to the DN 22 B and DN 2 A. The road also connects to the E60 motorway for trips to Bucharest and Constanta.

The best part about Plaja Corbu is its secluded beach. Located just 8 km from the town of Mamaia, Corbu has a long stretch of sand dotted with seashells. It is relatively undeveloped and not overrun with tourists. This makes it a great choice for young people who want a quiet getaway. The beach isn’t equipped with restaurants, but it’s not a bad place for a relaxing afternoon or evening.

Another beach that Romania offers is the Black Sea coast. It’s a short drive from Bucharest and offers a cool respite from the summer heat. The beaches here are renowned for their sandy beaches, crystal clear water and fresh sea breeze. However, during the summer months, you should expect the beaches to be packed with tourists.

Unlike many popular Romanian beaches, Plaja Corbu has a very wild and unspoiled vibe. It’s popular with young people, and is home to many clubs. The Panoramic Club, Ring, and Tineretului are popular with the younger crowd. The northern part of Plaja Corbu is less crowded and has fine sand.