Is Slovenia Expensive to Visit?

Slovenia is a tiny country in Central Europe that draws tourists with its picturesque lakeside towns, dramatic mountain ranges, and charming capital city. It is also close to other European countries, making it an easy addition to a European tour. Slovenia offers a wide range of attractions within its small footprint, including world-class wine country.


One of the most expensive parts of traveling to Slovenia is accommodation. You can’t expect the country to be as cheap as its neighbours, but there are some ways to cut costs. By planning ahead, you can find more affordable options and enjoy better value for money. You can also visit the country in off-peak seasons to save money.

The cost of accommodation in Slovenia varies, but it’s worth comparing prices before booking. You’ll find budget hotels for as low as 40 EUR per night. Many of these offer free breakfast, which makes them an excellent choice for those on a tight budget. Alternatively, you can stay in an Airbnb apartment or house for around 35 EUR. However, remember that prices can increase quickly if you don’t book in advance. Camping in Slovenia is also an affordable option, and can cost as little as 12 EUR for a basic plot without electricity.

Besides accommodation in Slovenia, you can also go out for some activities. Visiting museums and cultural events can cost as little as four or five EUR. You can find discounts for children, seniors, families, and disabled people. Cinema tickets cost from five to seven euros. Slovenia is also a hotspot for thalassotherapy, which is a type of spa and involves water therapy. There are many thermal baths throughout the country, and you can find a spa that caters to families with children.

While Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, is a popular place to live, the cost of housing will depend on where you live and the area. The old part of town is most expensive, while other parts of the city are cheaper. A typical room for a single person can cost from 200 EUR to 350 EUR per month. If you’re a student, it may be better to stay in a student co-ed apartment, which will be much cheaper than a typical dorm room.


While food in Slovenia can be expensive to visit, it is not impossible to find inexpensive meals. A nice lunch in a Slovenian restaurant can cost as little as 8 EUR. A full meal at a good restaurant is also possible for under 20 EUR. On a budget, you can easily live on 20-25 EUR per day for food and drinks.

The cost of food in Slovenia is not very expensive compared to other European countries. The country’s produce is particularly fresh and is known for its intense flavour. The country also has good bread, but expect to spend some money. In addition to local foods, you should try jota (soup). Jota is served with pork in winter, but is also a hearty meal.

The average food bill in Slovenia is about EUR20 per person. This can be reduced if you cook at home, but if you eat out a lot, you will probably end up paying more. In addition to the food cost, you should also consider the cost of the activities you’ll enjoy while you’re in Slovenia.

Those on a budget may want to consider staying in a hostel. A hostel will often have a full kitchen. You can also try camping in Slovenia. The forests are abundant, and there are countless camping sites all over the country. Most of these sites allow you to rent parcels with water sources and access to shared bathrooms. Some even have bungalows and pre-assembled tents available for rent.

A bottle of water costs around 1.70 EUR in Slovenia. A bottle of soft drink will cost around 2 EUR. You can also find cheap beer in Slovenia.


Slovenia is a tiny Central European country that draws visitors with its picturesque lakeside towns, dramatic mountain ranges, and charming capital city. It’s also close to other countries and can be easily incorporated into a European itinerary. Despite its small size, Slovenia offers plenty of attractions in a relatively small space, including world-class wine country.

The country is surprisingly affordable, especially in comparison to its southern and northern neighbours. The food is not expensive, either, especially if you plan to eat at cheap restaurants and supermarkets. Most supermarkets are priced reasonably and are closely aligned with the local economy. For example, the french retailer E.Leclerc has a presence in Slovenia. Most of its goods are reasonably priced but of decent quality.

Transportation costs are another factor in the cost of a trip to Slovenia. The average cost of a trip to Slovenia will be between EUR20-EUR30 per person. The cost of transport to and from the country’s major cities, including the capital, Ljubljana, will vary.

Slovenians are proud of their heritage and proud of their language, and they appreciate the richness and beauty of their country. The official language of Slovenia is Slovene, which is the same as the country’s native language, and it is not difficult to learn if you already know some Slavic languages. English is also widely spoken throughout Slovenia.

Slovenia is accessible from many parts of Europe. It is located between Italy, Hungary, and Croatia. Many European countries offer flights to Slovenia, and buses to Slovenia are relatively cheap and fast.


In order to save money on your next Slovenia holiday, you should consider planning your trip ahead of time. You can fly into Vienna or Venice to save on flights and can visit Slovenia at any time of the year. You can also find inexpensive accommodation in the country. This article will outline some of the best options for affordable accommodation.

Slovenia is a small country with many attractions and a lot of cultural traditions. Its cities and towns are home to various local and international festivals. These festivals will suit a diverse range of tastes and interests, and are often organized with little advance planning. So, if you have some extra cash to spend, you can try one of the many festivals in Slovenia.

While many of the countries attractions are expensive, Slovenia is a great destination for the budget traveler. Day trips across the country can cost less than EUR60 per person and include transportation, meals, and a local guide. You can also experience the country’s breathtaking natural beauty without paying a fortune.

If you’re looking for an activity to keep the kids busy, you should consider visiting a small open-air museum, such as the Rogatec Open-Air Museum. This museum is located in a farm and focuses on the customs of the people of the region. Its workshops offer activities such as blacksmithing, basket weaving, and livestock management. Moreover, you can also visit the nearby Renaissance manor to experience a glimpse of the rich culture of the region.

One of the most common ways to get around Slovenia is by bus. While bus connections often cost more than trains, the price per person can still be affordable. A basic bus between major Slovenian cities costs around EUR8 per person. You can also hire a car if you plan to travel off the beaten path.


When you’re looking for cheap flights to Slovenia, you have a few options. Airlines offering flights to Slovenia include Adria Airways, Air France, easyJet, and Transavia. You can also find onsite car rental agencies such as Avis, Budget, and Enterprise. The airport is also serviced by several bus lines that run to the city center. Additionally, there are taxis lining the terminal’s exterior. These will run you approximately $40 for a ride into the city.

The Ljubljana Joze Pucnik Airport is Slovenia’s largest airport and has direct flights from 22 airports, including Frankfurt and Paris. There are 15 flights a day, and about 105 flights per week. The most popular routes depart from Paris (CDG) and Frankfurt (FRA).

When booking flights to Slovenia, keep in mind that prices may change. For instance, the cheapest flights to Ljubljana may only be available on certain days of the week. Additionally, the cheapest flights to Slovenia may be based on Basic Economy fares, which may have additional restrictions and fees.

You can find many low-cost airlines that fly to Slovenia from various cities. You can also find one-stop flights to the city from major US cities such as Chicago O’Hare International Airport. Typically, airlines like Air France, LOT Airlines, and Lufthansa will stop in Paris, Warsaw, or Frankfurt. Alternatively, you can fly directly to Ljubljana via another major airport, like New York City or London.

Slovenia is a stunning country that is steeped in romance. Explore the ancient cities of Ljubljana and Celje, as well as the capital city. These cities have beautiful cobbled streets, a castle piazza, and baroque architecture.