Best Beaches in Albania

Albania is a small country in the Balkans with a coastline spanning the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, and an interior that is crossed by the Albanian Alps. The country is also home to numerous castles and ancient sites. Its capital, Tirana, is located on Skanderbeg Square, which features the National History Museum and the Et’hem Bey Mosque.

Ksamil archipelago

The Ksamil archipelago is made up of four rocky islets that lie in proximity to the Ionian Sea in Southern Albania. They are part of Butrint National Park. The village of Ksamil is located east of the islets.

Visitors can take a boat tour to visit the beautiful Ksamil Islands. The trip lasts about six hours and will take you through some of the most scenic spots. You’ll stop at the beautiful Pema e Thate beach, which is almost like a paradise. The boat will also take you to the Buka fishing village and the enchanting Ftele island. The latter is the southernmost of the four, and is the most pristine.

There are many beaches in the Ksamil archipelago, which you can visit by boat or paddle board. Some of the best ones are Monastery beach, Mirror beach, and Pema e Thate beach. You can explore the islands by boat, kayak, or paddle board.

During the summer months, the Ksamil archipelago has a vibrant nightlife. There are several bars and restaurants located close to the shore. The promenade is also lined with street vendors selling souvenirs. There is also a luna park where visitors can have a great time. Restaurants in Ksamil include Ristorante Rilinda, which offers fresh fish and seafood. Other restaurants include Korali, which is famous for its pastas. Another option is the Guvat Bar Restorant, which serves Mediterranean cuisine and is also open at night.

Ksamil offers some of the most beautiful beaches in Albania. It is convenient to travel to, and offers plenty of options for fun in the sun. It’s also within driving distance of two UNESCO-listed sites: Butrint and Gjirokastra.

Jala beach

Jala beach is one of Albania’s best beaches and is surrounded by mountains that make for a picturesque scenery. It has a long, sandy shore with turquoise water and is framed by a scalloped coastline. It is relatively secluded and is often less crowded than its larger neighbours. It’s a great place to take a family for a day trip as the water is very shallow and suited to children.

There are several ways to spend a day at Jala beach. The larger cities of Vlore and Saranda have a good selection of hotels and restaurants, which make them good home bases from which to explore the Albanian coast. If you want more privacy, consider staying in a small town on the riviera, such as Dhermi or Himare. The larger beaches have more upscale lodging and restaurants.

Jala beach is a popular destination for families with children. Its clear water makes it the perfect place to swim. While it can get crowded, the surrounding towns have plenty of other attractions to keep everyone entertained. There are also several restaurants, bars, and disco clubs in the area.

While it is not possible to drive to the beach, there are several ways to reach Jala from the city. You can take a bus from Vlore to the village of Himare. From there, you can catch a taxi to Jala, which takes around 20 minutes.

Jala beach is a small beach on the southern part of Albania. It is a part of the Albanian Riviera, which is renowned for having some of the country’s most beautiful beaches. You can reach it from the capital, Tirana, by driving to the coastal city of Vlore. From there, you’ll need to follow a coastal road for 40km. You’ll find a small village called Himare on the way, where you can reach Jala beach.


One of Albania’s most famous beaches is Kanine. The beach is easily accessible from the town of Vlora, and many visitors highlight this as one of the best in the country. But this Albanian beach is not as beautiful as other beaches in the south. The sand here is coarse and gravel, and the locals don’t seem to mind.

Another amazing beach is Gjipe, which is surrounded by a canyon. The water here is a vivid turquoise and is shallow for a while. It’s a good place for swimming, snorkelling, and long walks. There’s also an amazing nightlife here, so you can spend the night partying the night away.

If you don’t want to go to Saranda, there’s Borsh beach, which is also located on the Albanian Riviera. It’s a seven-kilometre-long pebble beach surrounded by lush mountainside pine forests. The main stretch of Dhermi beach is busy, but it’s long enough that you can find a spot that’s more peaceful. The area also has a good selection of budget hotels, as well as smart hotels.

If you are traveling by plane, you should know that Albania’s capital, Tirana, is the country’s international airport. You can stay there for one or two nights, or you can head straight to Albania’s beach resorts. To get from the airport to the city centre, you can take a shuttle bus that costs 300 LEK (EUR3). This shuttle bus goes directly to Skanderbeg Square, and is a convenient option if you’re arriving on a budget. However, the bus terminal is located a little far from the city centre, so taking a taxi is your best bet.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic retreat or a relaxed beach vacation, Albania’s beaches are perfect for all ages. The Albanian Riviera has pristine beaches and turquoise waters. Several luxury resorts and hotels can be found in the area as well. The country’s stunning coastline and its proximity to Greece make it a popular tourist destination, with many Albanians coming here during the summer months.


The beautiful and clean water of Albanian beaches makes Radhime one of the best spots to visit in the country. The beach is covered with pebbles and the sea is turquoise. This beach is free to visit, but there are limited facilities such as toilets and showers available. This area is located near Vlora and is perfect for families. There is a rescue service on duty here during high season.

There are many beaches in Albania, including Saranda and the nearby city of Vlora. Both towns have beautiful waterfronts, which connect to many smaller beaches. These beaches are also close to Albania’s largest city, which is Saranda. The two coastal cities offer beautiful scenery along the seafront, including a UNESCO-listed site.

The beaches in Albania are often privately owned, and many are open for public access. Some charge a small fee, so it’s best to check the conditions before you arrive. There are also three islands off shore that make for a great boat ride and swim in the turquoise sea. This area is very popular among Albanians during the summer months.

The beaches in Albania are not just sandy but also rocky. The beaches in the country are not very populated, and you can enjoy your time in the sun while enjoying the pristine waters and pristine cliffs. You’ll have the opportunity to watch dolphins and other marine life and get close to the beautiful coastline.

Another great beach is Livadhia, a popular destination for Greeks living in the area. Livadhia, which is just 3km north of Himara, is perfect for swimming, with some good surf and rolling hills nearby. A few kilometers north, you can also find Potami, another beautiful beach surrounded by coastal rocks.


Spille is a popular beach in northern Albania that is close to the border with Montenegro. The beach is long and sandy and surrounded by pine trees. It has plenty of restaurants and sunbeds for rent. The water here is clear and perfect for swimming.

This uncrowded beach is ideal for families. It is also a good location for snorkeling. You can explore the caves beneath the water. There is also a snack wagon on the beach, which sells local foods. It is one of the best beaches in Albania.

While Spille is a great place to spend the day, it is not the most convenient place to travel. For a more relaxed holiday, you may want to go to Golem, which is just south of Durres. This town shares a stretch of beach with Durres and is easily accessible by car.

Another popular beach in Albania is Drymades. This pebbled beach is nestled in a bay near Dhermi. It is backed by mountain ranges and has beautiful blue waters. This beach isn’t as crowded as nearby Dhermi Beach, so it’s perfect for those looking for a quieter getaway. The best time to go to Drymades is during the sunset. You can watch a stunning sunset from Bacaro Beach Bar.

While the weather is warm in Albania, it can be quite cold in winter months. You should avoid visiting in October and March, as the weather won’t be as warm. However, it can still be pleasant in April and May. During these months, temperatures can reach twenty-five degrees Celsius.